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December 29, 2007
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Half Life 2 Elite Avatar by zpyder Half Life 2 Elite Avatar by zpyder
Pre-rant gubbins:
Animated avatar of a Half Life 2 NPC. Combine Elite. Feel free to use in whatever you like, forums, websites, whatever. Just sort some hosting out and host the avatar yourself as I don't think deviantart likes hotlinking.

Made by going in game, putting no-target on, and taking a series of screenshots in rapid succession. And then processing in photoshop and flash to sort out the animation.


And now for the rant:

Ok, here's the story. This avatar was made a fair while ago (talking years here) and was happily on devart with people using it and fav'ing it and all that, along with a dozen or so other avatars. It was one of the better ones.

Then, a little over a year ago, it was removed due to 'copyright violation'. Being unsure on why this would be removed and the others remained, I queried it, and got a generic answer that smacked of someone not even looking into the case. I even requested that if there is a copyright violation with the avatars that they should remove the action...

So, a year after it's removal, it's back. I figure if the other avatars are ok, then there is no reason why this one shouldn't be.

I must stress...I'm not one to deliberately break rules. I'm not re-submitting this as a means to cause problems for devart. I'm re-submitting it as it's part of a collection, a popular collection at that, and it's wrong that one of the better pieces in this collection should not be with the rest.

I do not see why this image was removed when a dozen others made in the same manner using the same process weren't. Also I don't see the difference between this and the other game avatars available on deviantart made using only single screenshots taken from the game. If anything they should be more likely to violate copyright as much less work could be said to have gone into their creation...(see below)

"Your submissions may not contain material or images which were not created entirely through your own effort; this means that you cannot simply collect photographs, artworks and other images, writings or scans from printed books/magazines and submit them to your account. You are not allowed to submit “reworked”, “edited” or otherwise “modified” material which you obtained from other sources."

As far as I know, the avatar is "safe", here's why:

The submission was created through my own effort. I took the screenshots in the game. Not only that, but I had to run the game and tweak various things to get the settings right. THEN I had to process the screenshots and arrange the animation. "I" DID all this - no one else. The only part of the image that is not mine is the in-game model used. And if this is where the copyright violation lies, then Deviantart should be a bit busy removing ALL screenshots from here, as this interpretation could be argued to include icons and other digital media found within another program. Replace characters with icons, and the game with an OS, and you see where i'm going...

Ok thats the rant over...fingers crossed it will stay up, if not, nevermind. I've kinda strayed into photography and so flickr is as inviting as anything now...
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Groso bro!
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i love it mate
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Love it!
Had a few things randomly removed myself, still no idea why :/
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i love moving pics like this and i love the HL series
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Who keeps requesting this as a print? It's a blooming animation! How do you print that?!
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Oh lol.
Kinda makes me wonder whether that may actually be possible in the future.
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